Monday, July 13, 2009

July 13, 2009

I attended a conference in Chicago last month, NeoCon World's Trade Fair 2009. Of course, the main topic was green products and design. Although not as highly attended in previous years, it was highly exciting! Exciting because I wasn't crammed into an elevator with 30 other people but also because of the new product offerings.

To name a few:

~ A children's line that uses formaldehyde-free, 100% recycled wood fiber furniture
~Eco laminates that achieved GREENGUARD certification. (GREENGUARD certification is awarded to those products that emit low levels of chemicals under prolonged use.)
~Terrazzo countertops made of recycled glass. They look as if you're looking through a kaleidoscope! Beautiful...
~Ceramic square tiles that look like real wood random planks, very neat!
~Fabrics made with vegetable dyed patterns printed on natural fabrics.
~Bamboo and leather rugs as well as recycled rubber floor tiles.

Contact me for more detailed information if you're interested in any of the above mentioned products.

If not in the market to purchase new products, I like this concept:

REPURPOSE: Why not take an area in your house or office that you're not using and give it a whole new purpose? For example, take a closet and remove the door, paint the interior a dramatic or calming color, depending on the mood you're trying to achieve, and add wooden shelving at different heights. It becomes an art gallery when adding spotlights (Mr 16 bulbs) or an exhibit of your favorite collection. In any case, it's giving space a new meaning.

Product idea: Do you have an old shower curtain that you just don't want anymore but hate to see it end up in a landfill? You don't have to throw it away. Instead, use it as a dropcloth for your next painting project or use it under a table for kids to paint on.

~ Please check back next month for new ideas and feel free to comment or start a discussion.

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