Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October Blog

When I envision the relatively new coined term "man cave", with Halloween right around the corner, I conjure up an image of a natural dwelling made up of dirt and stone. (Perhaps with men holding bats, Flintstone style along with live bats flying around) On the contrary, this room or area actually refers to a man’s space in the house, garage, attic or basement utilizing the highest technology that he can afford. A bar, game table, home theater, stereo system or other electronics can be enjoyed here. A gathering place for men or "buddies" to recline or convene at. Since goth is somewhat "in", black can be masculine and adapted in an aesthetic way, but I’d prefer not to overdo it. Black or brown leather paired with a "hot" accent color such as red or orange can be an effective palette for the space.

Eco materials can be utilized or adapted in the design. Cork flooring is not only green but extremely acoustical. In addition, no VOC paints on the walls and ceiling along with that leather furniture that I mentioned is a great way to incorporate green elements.

TIP : LED televisions are hot right now. They are more costly due to new technology, however, they’re also more energy efficient and take up less depth. This is a nice feature when being mounted on a wall.

~Please check back next month for more design ideas.

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