Friday, July 2, 2010

July; Enjoying the freedom of being an independent designer!

Notes from neocon: One of the world's largest trade fairs... Exciting things are happening in the design world. TMC Furniture's innovative "ImPrinted" allows chairs, tables or paneled surfaces to be embellished with text, photography or graphics using digital imaging as shown below. The beautiful photography above is done by famous nature artist Henry Domke. He is now photographing nature and in collaboration with MDC Wallcoverings, is showcasing his fine art using digital imaging technology onto backlit panels and murals. They are simply stunning!

On a fun note: Designtex has come up with a new product called "writeUp h2o", an environmentally preferable dry erase paint. It's a clear, non-toxic product that can be easily applied to any properly prepared painted surface and dries completely clear. What a great idea for an office, children's playroom or conference room.

Still going strong are pearlized and metallic wallpapers. They add so much to a room. You can use these to add drama to a powder room, dining room accent wall or install it in a niche built into the wall. Add MR16 lamps to spotlight a sculpture on a pedestal; what a dynamic accent!

Drab, nondescript rooms are out; exciting, eclectic spaces are so in! In this ever increasing global world that we live in, different cultures, styles and periods can be combined to make an overall aesthetically beautiful space.

Green tip: To kill off weeds on your lawn or garden, add salt to boiling water and spray it on! It's healthier for people, animals and the earth!

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