Sunday, January 2, 2011

Welcome 2011...and reflecting on 2010...

Well, here we are, 2011. I haven't made any "resolutions" per se, but I've rather focused on a few goals that I hope to have accomplished by year's end. They're both room renovations in my home; both powder room and kitchen. I've pondered, reflected and eventually zeroed in on ideas, now they just need to be implemented. Results and progress to be posted as we go along.
As we move forward into 2011, I like to reflect on the past year... what did I want to achieve but didn't quite complete? What would I have done differently?

Along with these thoughts on reflection, I'd like to spotlight one of my favorite companies: Christopher Guy, a manufacturer of fine furniture and stunning mirrors. They are shown above (single mirrors, not fireplace setting) You can view more of them at

According to Webster, reflection has multiple meanings: 1.the fixing of the mind on some subject and 2. the throwing back of a surface of sound, light, heat, etc. This seems appropriate as a New Year's topic, as it is a time to reflect on life and "fix the mind on" goals, as well as come up with ideas of how to beat the winter doldrums, ie; how to brighten up an interior with metallic or reflective items.

With winter upon us, here are some bright ideas to add sparkle to a room. By adding metallics and iridescence to a space, it creates openness and alters a mood from drab and flat to shiny and having depth. Walls painted an all matte finish can make a room appear drab and boring. Just as adding textures creates warmth and interest, by throwing in some fringed metallic accent pillows, it gives a sofa or chair dimension. Mirrors always give the illusion of space as well as add that reflective quality to a room and make it appear larger than it actually is.
Another idea is to wallpaper an accent wall a light metallic or pearlized choice which infuses an effervescent quality. You can even stripe it by painting an alternating high gloss/matte finish in the same color family. I would recommend larger stripes, about 6"-8" wide, to open up the space. Placing clear glass bowls or tall vases on a cocktail table with metallic colored balls in them is very festive and also another way to incorporate metallics in a room.
In closing, I'll share an old Ugandan proverb with you that I love: the task ahead of you is never as great as the power behind you...
~ Wishing you all success with your reflections and goals for the new year...
~ Please check back next month where I'll start featuring refurbished furniture with funky, fabulous new upholstered fabrics that will be available for purchase. ~

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