Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Forward...Fall Back Into RETRO!

Pendant light fixture by Nuevo
Rug offered by The Rug Market, Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes, "Love Safari Ivory Coast/Sandy Beach"

Butterfly Chair by RALPHLAURENHOME, called " New Safari Camp Chair"

Bar stool by Nuevo

Fabric by Mod Green Pod Wallpaper by designer
While we've all sprung forward, let's take a moment to roll back in time. I love some of the old design eras, including the one from the '50's that evokes a feeling of happiness; simple floral designs (ones that I used to doodle on paper when bored) sunbursts and overlapping large-scaled geometric shapes...flourescent colors were trendy during this era; shades of yellows, greens, turquoises, oranges and pinks were all hot...

According to Urban Dictionary, the term retro is a style from the past representing something nostalgic such as an article of clothing or decorative item. It gives me a warm feeling, thinking of these sunbursts and floral motifs, a period of time that I enjoy revisiting...

These products are all retro, cool and current. They can be intermixed into different styles of design as a focal point or as an accent.

* FYI: The Butterfly chair was created in 1938 by the architect Jorge Ferrari-Hardoy and was originally called the Hardoy chair. Now, the popular style's frame can be covered in everything from hot pink faux-fur to polka-dotted and canvas fabrics. I really like this Ralph Lauren version of distressed-rustic-goes-great-with-turquoise look.

A lot of these products look great in teenager's rooms as well as rec rooms or basements. Pottery Barn does a great job of offering these products for teens. Check them out at: http://www.potterybarn.com/

* FYGI (For Your Green Info): Mod Green Pod manufacturers fabrics and wallpapers that are ALL eco-friendly. Check them out at: http://www.modgreenpod.com/

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