Friday, June 24, 2011

The 10 Commandments of Good Interior Design

The 10 Commandments of good design according to Stephanie :

1. Thou shalt not select a paint color based on the teeny fandeck colors supplied by paint stores. (Stephanie can order 8 1/2 x 11 sheets of color to tape to your wall).
2. Thou shalt not let an interior designer dictate trends or their taste upon others. Everyone has their own individual taste and their home should be a reflection of them.
3. Thou shall minimize the different transitions in flooring throughout a space. The more different types of flooring used, the eye will stop at each transition and make the space appear smaller.
4. Thou shall always maintain a sense of humor and add something whimsical to every serious room.
5. Thou shalt not allow an interior designer to select artwork for one's personal space. Art is very personal and should be a reflection of oneself. An interior designer should never tell a client (or friend) that the artwork doesn't "go" or "match".
6. Thou shalt not always believe that ceilings should be painted white. Dark colors can add drama, a shade in the same color family can add depth, and ceilings painted in metallics, faux finishes or embellished in painted designs add excitement and sophistication.
7. Thou shalt not only consider interior decorating but exterior decorating as well, especially now that it's summer!
8. Thou shalt not feel the temptation to decorate their dwelling in a hurry or all at once. Take your time, find treasures that you love, decorate slowly and if necessary, in phases, but with an overall design concept in mind.
9. Thou shalt try not to line furniture up along one wall. Angle it, if the room allows, center it in the room and create individual conversation areas.
10. Thou shall think twice about discarding unwanteds. Repurpose, reuse, donate, recycle...everything looks beautiful in the right place. (If not, donate or recycle)

Among all, have fun! CELEBRATE SUMMER!!

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