Thursday, March 1, 2012

It's ALL about green

{Christopher Guy showroom in Winnetka, IL}
Tasteful, classy, GREEN accents incorporated into an amazing showroom with THE most unique furnishings.

It's all about green, spring is in the air, and I want to share some of my favorite green and eco-friendly interiors and products~

        First, to spotlight some fabulously designed rooms which incorporate green into their interiors:

{Kelly Wearstler's Trelliage/Ivory Imperial Trellis fabric and wallpaper}
{Cole & Son Malachite wallpaper; room designed by Summer Thornton}
This room by Summer Thornton is amazing; I love it. And more...

{Photo courtesy of Clarke & Clarke's website}

The room above is subtle and understated, but nonetheless inspirational.

 More about green products, here are some of my favs:

 An exciting, BOLD, innovative, eco-friendly wall covering company, EDGE Wall coverings (wow, what more can you ask for??) offers these inspiring products and has the capability of custom scaling the designs to fit your wall size requirements. They can also print these kaleidoscope looking designs onto glass, aluminum and textiles among other materials. (On a green note: The wall coverings are also cadmium-free) You can view their entire line at

                  Take a look:
{Emerald Flowers, right, Leafy Way, left}
{ Fireclay Tile}

     Fireclay Tile is one of my favorite tile companies. This tile is from their Debris Series and is offered in over 112 lead-free glaze color options. It contains over 60% recycled materials.                                                                          
{Soft Spoken Aloe FLOR tile}

FLOR is a modular or tile carpet company that offers the versatility of creating your own size and patterned carpet tile options and they have beautiful tiles that can be intermixed. What I love about this company is their "Return and Recycle" program whereas their tiles never end up in our landfills. See more at

 Smith + Noble offer natural bamboo and matchstick shades that are renewable and sustainable and woven by artisans on hand-fed looms. They are a great compliment to almost any style room. They range from casual to more formal options. Their site is

See the full color spectrum at  www.sherwinwilliams.comSherwin Williams paint "200 zero VOC's" just came out last year and barely has a smell to it. The coverage is good, safer for us to breathe and for the environment! Shown here are some very springy colors ranging form the lightest color and very calming Camomile SW 6399 and graduating to the deepest tone Fervent Brass SW 6405. I love each and every one of these hues. (But then again, I'm partial to anything green)

~ Please check back next month for a special blog celebrating EARTH day.
            Until then, HAPPY ST. PAT'S DAY and anything else that you are celebrating this month! 

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