Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get this look!

Get this look!

I happen to go absolutely crazy over the above photo. The space alone says a lot but if you want to really punctuate a space, you can get the look of this zen, Feng Shui space...


Get this Downton Abbey Look!
This Downton Abbey series is so hot, it makes me want to go back in time and add some old fashioned beauty to my home. The details in each piece are so creative and classic.

Get this Ballard Designs look!

I tend to favor this look; a bit glam mixed with rustic. I gravitate towards natural, linen and jute products.Every space needs something shiny or reflective to add depth.

Get this contemporary look!

This, to me, is just classic. The contemporary lines and comfy furniture intermixed with that traditional, ornate molding makes for a lovely room. You can add red, or any other accent color to add interest. Use it at least three times in the room so that your eye keeps moving across the space. For those of you who are afraid of using white, use any other neutral color as a base. Tan, gray, cream...

So there you have it; four awesome looks for such diverse interiors. The wonderful thing is, is that you can mix and be selective to create the interior that tells a story about you and your family. What products do you love? Please share. Are there any that you don't like? Try juxtapositioning (I love that word!) furnishings to create a unique style that makes you comfortable and peaceful. And as always, if you need assistance selecting that perfect product for your space, please reach out to me.

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Happy Valentine's Day! 


Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LiGhTs, HoLiDaYs, PeAcE and ReLaXaTiOn

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

It's December, the anticipated holidays are lurking around the corner and I'm excited to blog about lighting. Not only because it's one of the categories included in my new online shop, but because lighting adds EVERYTHING to a space. It can make you feel happy, depressed, look sick or feel overstimulated, depending on how it's used. I'm going to keep this blog short and mostly pictorial, as I'm sure you're just as busy as I am with shopping, wrapping, planning and just DE-stressing before the madness of the holidays are upon us. Just some of my faves and a few tips~

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

I love grouping light fixtures as shown in the two photos above; it creates such a nice balance. It also helps spread the light when hung over a long bar, counter or table.  Dimmers are ideal as they help create the perfect ambiance by allowing lighting to be adjusted, as well as saving on energy cost. Dimming your lights an average of 50% can cut your electric use 40% over time and can make the bulbs last 20 times longer.

When specifying lighting, I suggest "layering" different types: GENERAL provides an area with overall, general illumination.
TASK is placed in specific areas to ensure that light is available where a task is being performed such as sewing, cooking, etc.

ACCENT adds depth and drama by highlighting interesting objects such as artwork.
{ Photo courtesy Ogetti }

{Currey and Company}
I ADORE this fixture by Currey and Company. It's eclectic, lending itself to many different style interiors. The rule of thumb for the appropriate height of a chandelier above a dining room table is typically 1/2 the width of the table. For a ceiling fixture's appropriate diameter for a room, not necessarily installed above a table, take length of room + width of room (in feet) then convert that to number of inches.

{Photo courtesy Ogetti}

This "Bubble" fixture above by Ogetti casts a calming, warm glow to this bathroom; nice.

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

I LOVE curves! This photo exemplifies perfectly curvy balance. The size is just right and it doesn't detract from the other elements such as the wrought iron stair railing in the room.


{"Elba" sconce}
Wall sconces create mostly mood or ambiance lighting, but can also be considered general, depending on where they're placed and how big the room is. I am visualizing  a bunch of these "Elba"sconces spread out on a wall in an office, rec room or man cave. Pair it with grasscloth wallpaper and what a great look!

{ "Stone Cone" sconce}

You don't need art on the walls with this beautiful colored glass sconce. This IS a work of art.
{Fredrick Ramond Carabel sconce}


{ Hampton Traditional Floor Lamp}

This floor lamp says it all so I won't say a word about it other than it can be placed in (almost) any room.

I could go on and on about lighting, but I think I'll share more in a future blog. Please do take a look at my new online shop and feel free to contact me with any design questions or help with planning your space. Here's the link:            

F.Y.G.I.: (For your green information) The company Varaluz's products are made from 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled glass. On top of their beauty, they're also eco!

HaPpY HoLiDaYs to all of you. May your holidays be bright, not only with light, but radiated by those who surround you. Until 2013,


Friday, September 21, 2012

Rustic Glam

Rustic glam

{photo courtesy Restoration Hardware}
 Ever since I can remember, I've always been a non-conformist when it came to fashion and design. I've been a little bit hippy (well, a lot) as in Lucky Brand or Anthropologie, a bit preppy or conservative as in Banana Republic or Ann Taylor and a bit sporty/athletic as in Nike or Adidas
as far as clothing goes. As far as interiors, I've never been content with selecting just one dominating style for a room, and I'm not quite sure eclectic was even in vogue when I began mixing Pier 1 furnishings with formal Baker Furniture. I've always like to intermix a space with rustic, denim, leather, fringe, distressed antiques along with shiny, metallic, mirrored or sparkly accents. Currently, what I like to call "Rustic glam" is my favored style. It's all about being practical, comfortable and cozy within a rich accented space. It's NOT about selecting your furniture from a store opting for matching, symmetrical lamps on end tables and the same fabric and style on a sofa, loveseat and chair.
{Photo courtesy Veranda magazine}
Veranda Magazine is not only one of my all time favorite design magazines, but it does an amazing job of tastefully juxtapositioning rich luxe and glamour with distressed, earthy woods, leathers and other casual and eco-friendly furnishings. The photo above intermixes a beautifully distresssed table with an exposed wood beamed ceiling and formal crystal chandelier.

It's about mixing this...
{Four Hands Josephine Chair}
{Fine Art Lamps}
      or this...
{Photo courtesy House Beautiful magazine}

{Photo courtesy Crystorama}
with this...

I would, without hesitation, pair this

{Photo courtesy Troy Lighting}

...with this Chesterfield sofa offered by C.R. Laine
{C.R. Laine's Chesterfield Sofa}

Pier 1 also does a fabulous job of offering Luxe treats along with rustic products. Here are some of their accent pieces that can really punctuate a room. By mixing leather, fluffy pillows, lamps with feathered accents and such, it creates the perfect combo. Add some quirkiness to your space, add the unexpected for some interest...
{Pier 1; all 3 photos}

{photo courtesy House Beautiful magazine}

Photo courtesy Pottery Barn}
Pottery Barn calls it "Rustic Luxe" and describes this style in their latest catalog by stating: "Your home tells the intriguing story of who you are, where you've been and what inspires you most. This season, we were inspired by the pairing of opposites-rustic textures and materials mixed with soft and luxurious surfaces."            

They pair a burlap shade with a beautifully colored glass base. Also included in their collection is a rustic reclaimed wood table, leather sofa, a suzani pillow and a silver embellished mirror for added glitz.  By mixing these products and textures, it creates warmth in an otherwise not-making-a-statement-room.
{Photo courtesy Pottery Barn}
For creating a warm, rustic environment, consider painting walls using a product by American Clay. This company offers an eco-friendly, no VOC plaster application that doesn't allow moisture to accumulate, therefore helping to maintain a mold-free environment. The overall aesthetic adds depth and color to a space. The product "Loma" creates the essence of suede. It's made of reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays.The wall sconce and metal studs on the chair add glam.
{Photo courtesy Holden Art Studio; American Clay product}
As a lot of you already know, Hooker Furniture is one of my favorite companies. Here, they mix a casual, weathered looking chest, with different scattered mirrors on the wall, adding pizzazz and glam.

                       {Photo courtesy Hooker Furniture; decorative cabinet developed by Pinterest}
So, mix it up! 

Add storage solutions within accent pieces; chests, storage ottomans, straw baskets; all casual and comfortable furnishings. Then, embellish that with something really spectacular, like a crystal chandelier, mirrored table, or all it may need is just a few fluffy pillows...

Until next post,

   Have yourself a Glamorous day~


Thursday, June 14, 2012

{ Just Wanna Have Fun! }


Here it is, the middle of June and I missed writing in May, my favorite month! The truth is, I have been busy! I just got back from NEOCON at The Merchandise Mart here in Chicago. So much to see, so little time! I gathered fun facts, photos, new product info and all things new, green, fun and spectacular! Along with my newfound NEOCON treasures, I've been compiling a list of companies who did not show at NEOCON but are included in this blog post as they're adventurous, creative and fun! They don't want their products to just blend in with the rest, and they're having fun in the process of presenting them to us~

                                                                {Cyan Design}
Cyan Design is a fabulous company with unique and whimsical products. If you're looking to make a statement with that one special accent piece, look
here Aren't the chandeliers great? The merchandiser suspended them from the tree branches so that they're
 hanging over the children's suspended bed.

{Cyan Design}
Entertaining dogs showcasing whimsical occasional tables~ Cyan Design quotes on it's website that they create products "with daring feats of design". How true!
Who wants a square, plain end table when they can have a creative one like these anyway?

And then...there's Missoni. If any company is BOLD, fun and colorful, it's them!

Missoni has a following and those following tend to want to make a statement. Some of their products are now available through Target. This plethora of products is NOT for the shy or intimidated, that's for sure.

{Missoni Home}
{The Betsy Chair}
I just have to find the right home for this settee. All it takes is a fresh coat of white paint and a good artist to hand paint the white fabric. I have just the right artists too! Let me know if you'd like their names. This whimsical piece was spotted on Benjamin Moore's site "Color Chats" and would look great intermixed with even a traditional decor. Have some fun!

And now, to segue right into my fabulous, fun NEOCON finds...Manufacturers are trying to stand out in the crowd. They want the big WOW! factor. Gone are the days of boring contract furnishings such as gray offices and drab brown and gray carpeting. The crazier and more fun, the better!

In collaboration, Robert Allen Contract and designer Kirk Nix have introduced a collection of upholstery and draperies featuring rich jewel tones and metallic accents, setting a new standard for the hospitality industry. I love the fuchsia paired with the neutral taupe ottoman here. The button tufting adds a timely classic look while the color and patterned pillows add excitement.

When I walked into the Chicago Bisazza showroom, I was the only one there. Even without any other people, food or drinks, I still felt like I had entered a party! What exuberance filled the room! Creativity exuded the entire space.
The Bisazza computer processing system enables a drawing or photograph to be converted into a mosaic consisting of tiles. See more at

Buzzi Space is a very cool company. I like it because it's eco-friendly, colorful and has so many uses. Being green has always been an integral part of their concept; they believe their products should last as long as possible, thus adopting the cradle to cradle philosophy. This philosophy means that they stand for recycling and environmentally responsible processing of materials as well as the conscious use of raw materials and energy. You can see all of their products at
{Buzzi Space}

 {via Seating} An osteopath has developed this product called the "Swopper" chair for via Seating. It has multidimensional movement made with German engineering and was made for people with low back pain. It can be used as a task chair or stool. My son would love this! Or, anyone who doesn't like to sit still would for that matter! 

What fascinates me is the psychology of color. Some colors evoke excitement and energy in a space. For example, the color RED is the color where the eye looks first. People surrounded by RED find their heart beating faster and report feeling a bit out of breath.

The color YELLOW represents happiness and good times.

And ORANGE is the color tied most with fun times, happiness, energy and ambition!

"The bold look of Kohler" is their tag line and they do make a statement with their new, limited edition collection of sinks designed by designer Jonathan Adler. He combines a serious design philosophy with a colorful sense of optimism. The colors are extremely fun and can add that final touch,  punctuating a neutral kitchen or bathroom with pizazz.

{Tandus Carpet}

Tandus Carpet is "more than just a square". This exciting modular tile is available in vibrant colors. What I really like about this company is that they "create floorcovering solutions that enhance spaces for learning, working, healing and living through inspired design, leading edge-technology and unprecedented achievement toward sustainability." Sustainable and fun? I'll take it!

I had a lot of fun writing this blog, hope you enjoyed it. Until next month, have a FESTIVE SUMMER!