Thursday, February 11, 2010


CONGRATULATIONS to our free interior design consultation winners David and Kate Kreiman of Glenview, IL ! By becoming a fan of our business on Facebook or following our blog, they were automatically entered to win.

With less of a focus on homeowners selling their homes and moving, we are seeing a trend in home renovations, changing existing things around and staying at home these days. On this snow-filled February day, whether you reside in Chicago or a warmer climate, here are some predictions for design in 2010:

COLOR: TURQUOISE! Not just limited to Southwestern in style, turquoise is hot now. Actually, it's quite versatile in it's use. It can be paired with browns and oranges for a rustic Southwestern tone or with blacks, tans or grays to create a classic, contemporary style. Mix it in a bathroom or kitchen by using stunning glass tile blends for an oceanlike, zen ambiance. When mixed with green hues and wood tones, this exudes an earthy, natural vibe.

MIX interior furnishings up. If your style is traditional, add an unexpected bold splash of color by simply adding new pillows in an Ikat or large geometric print. This adds an element of surprise.

BRING the natural light from the outdoors in. To achieve this, you can add skylights or order new window treatments (my favorite is natural woven woods) with the top down option. With this option, you can have it open from the top down, allowing light to filter into room yet retaining privacy from the bottom.

And now FYGI: (For your green information) Let's support the following companies who are among the top 20 leaders for their efforts in lowering their carbon footprints:

~ Aveda

~ Benjamin Moore

~ Whole Foods

~ Timberland

~ Method

~ Fairmont Hotels & Resorts

~ Clif Bar

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    I like your FYGI section! Always good to know what companies are working on their social responsibility. Thanks!