Monday, April 5, 2010


HAPPY EARTH DAY!! April 22 is Earth Day and it's springtime! Hopefully, the weather will continue to improve in Chicagoland. I just returned from a wonderful trip to Phoenix and Scottsdale, where the colors used in interior furnishings seemed to mirror the beauty of all of the earth tones in the environment. These hues included a warm slate blue, rich milk chocolate brown along with sand tones, including very pale yellows and golds. Glass tiles mixed with ceramics, slates and stone could be seen everywhere. Very zen and spa -like. What an awesome blend! It was as though the interiors were the backdrop of all of the amazing colored foliage and florals outdoors.

David Bromstad, of HG TV and I at the eco
paint store in Chicago, Colori. He introduced his no VOC
color line for Mythic Paint company.
He is full of energy and so inspiring! For those who are Facebook fans, you've already seen this photo. If you're not a Facebook fan, please check out my fan page at Stephanie Nickolson Design.

I love his color name selections. They range from (kids's room collection) " green eggs" and "yellow brick road" to (kitchen and bath collection) "Pearadise" and "Black Eyed Pea"
The colors are so rich, and of course I love that they are non-toxic and don't have that I can't stand being in this room smell.

On the subject of non-toxic and healthier for you ideas, you may have heard of the innovative Microban technology. Many interior products are partnering with Microban by incorporating it into their products. Silestone, a solid surfacing countertop material and the largest producer of natural quartz, was one of the first companies on board. Now, Dal Tile has infused some ceramic tiles with it, touting its "Outstand Technology", DAP Kwik Seal Plus is a basement paint that seals out moisture by applying it to the floor, and even a solar shade is on the market with Microban built into the window treatment. The product protection is engineered to fight the growth of damaging microbes such as bacteria and mold. I believe you'll be seeing more and more products being introduced with this protection.

Have a healthy April! Please do something good for the environment...

~ Check back next month for a new blog posting. (oops, I did skip March) And, feel free to comment about what you like, don't like and want my next topic to be.

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