Thursday, June 14, 2012

{ Just Wanna Have Fun! }


Here it is, the middle of June and I missed writing in May, my favorite month! The truth is, I have been busy! I just got back from NEOCON at The Merchandise Mart here in Chicago. So much to see, so little time! I gathered fun facts, photos, new product info and all things new, green, fun and spectacular! Along with my newfound NEOCON treasures, I've been compiling a list of companies who did not show at NEOCON but are included in this blog post as they're adventurous, creative and fun! They don't want their products to just blend in with the rest, and they're having fun in the process of presenting them to us~

                                                                {Cyan Design}
Cyan Design is a fabulous company with unique and whimsical products. If you're looking to make a statement with that one special accent piece, look
here Aren't the chandeliers great? The merchandiser suspended them from the tree branches so that they're
 hanging over the children's suspended bed.

{Cyan Design}
Entertaining dogs showcasing whimsical occasional tables~ Cyan Design quotes on it's website that they create products "with daring feats of design". How true!
Who wants a square, plain end table when they can have a creative one like these anyway?

And then...there's Missoni. If any company is BOLD, fun and colorful, it's them!

Missoni has a following and those following tend to want to make a statement. Some of their products are now available through Target. This plethora of products is NOT for the shy or intimidated, that's for sure.

{Missoni Home}
{The Betsy Chair}
I just have to find the right home for this settee. All it takes is a fresh coat of white paint and a good artist to hand paint the white fabric. I have just the right artists too! Let me know if you'd like their names. This whimsical piece was spotted on Benjamin Moore's site "Color Chats" and would look great intermixed with even a traditional decor. Have some fun!

And now, to segue right into my fabulous, fun NEOCON finds...Manufacturers are trying to stand out in the crowd. They want the big WOW! factor. Gone are the days of boring contract furnishings such as gray offices and drab brown and gray carpeting. The crazier and more fun, the better!

In collaboration, Robert Allen Contract and designer Kirk Nix have introduced a collection of upholstery and draperies featuring rich jewel tones and metallic accents, setting a new standard for the hospitality industry. I love the fuchsia paired with the neutral taupe ottoman here. The button tufting adds a timely classic look while the color and patterned pillows add excitement.

When I walked into the Chicago Bisazza showroom, I was the only one there. Even without any other people, food or drinks, I still felt like I had entered a party! What exuberance filled the room! Creativity exuded the entire space.
The Bisazza computer processing system enables a drawing or photograph to be converted into a mosaic consisting of tiles. See more at

Buzzi Space is a very cool company. I like it because it's eco-friendly, colorful and has so many uses. Being green has always been an integral part of their concept; they believe their products should last as long as possible, thus adopting the cradle to cradle philosophy. This philosophy means that they stand for recycling and environmentally responsible processing of materials as well as the conscious use of raw materials and energy. You can see all of their products at
{Buzzi Space}

 {via Seating} An osteopath has developed this product called the "Swopper" chair for via Seating. It has multidimensional movement made with German engineering and was made for people with low back pain. It can be used as a task chair or stool. My son would love this! Or, anyone who doesn't like to sit still would for that matter! 

What fascinates me is the psychology of color. Some colors evoke excitement and energy in a space. For example, the color RED is the color where the eye looks first. People surrounded by RED find their heart beating faster and report feeling a bit out of breath.

The color YELLOW represents happiness and good times.

And ORANGE is the color tied most with fun times, happiness, energy and ambition!

"The bold look of Kohler" is their tag line and they do make a statement with their new, limited edition collection of sinks designed by designer Jonathan Adler. He combines a serious design philosophy with a colorful sense of optimism. The colors are extremely fun and can add that final touch,  punctuating a neutral kitchen or bathroom with pizazz.

{Tandus Carpet}

Tandus Carpet is "more than just a square". This exciting modular tile is available in vibrant colors. What I really like about this company is that they "create floorcovering solutions that enhance spaces for learning, working, healing and living through inspired design, leading edge-technology and unprecedented achievement toward sustainability." Sustainable and fun? I'll take it!

I had a lot of fun writing this blog, hope you enjoyed it. Until next month, have a FESTIVE SUMMER!


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