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Rustic Glam

Rustic glam

{photo courtesy Restoration Hardware}
 Ever since I can remember, I've always been a non-conformist when it came to fashion and design. I've been a little bit hippy (well, a lot) as in Lucky Brand or Anthropologie, a bit preppy or conservative as in Banana Republic or Ann Taylor and a bit sporty/athletic as in Nike or Adidas
as far as clothing goes. As far as interiors, I've never been content with selecting just one dominating style for a room, and I'm not quite sure eclectic was even in vogue when I began mixing Pier 1 furnishings with formal Baker Furniture. I've always like to intermix a space with rustic, denim, leather, fringe, distressed antiques along with shiny, metallic, mirrored or sparkly accents. Currently, what I like to call "Rustic glam" is my favored style. It's all about being practical, comfortable and cozy within a rich accented space. It's NOT about selecting your furniture from a store opting for matching, symmetrical lamps on end tables and the same fabric and style on a sofa, loveseat and chair.
{Photo courtesy Veranda magazine}
Veranda Magazine is not only one of my all time favorite design magazines, but it does an amazing job of tastefully juxtapositioning rich luxe and glamour with distressed, earthy woods, leathers and other casual and eco-friendly furnishings. The photo above intermixes a beautifully distresssed table with an exposed wood beamed ceiling and formal crystal chandelier.

It's about mixing this...
{Four Hands Josephine Chair}
{Fine Art Lamps}
      or this...
{Photo courtesy House Beautiful magazine}

{Photo courtesy Crystorama}
with this...

I would, without hesitation, pair this

{Photo courtesy Troy Lighting}

...with this Chesterfield sofa offered by C.R. Laine
{C.R. Laine's Chesterfield Sofa}

Pier 1 also does a fabulous job of offering Luxe treats along with rustic products. Here are some of their accent pieces that can really punctuate a room. By mixing leather, fluffy pillows, lamps with feathered accents and such, it creates the perfect combo. Add some quirkiness to your space, add the unexpected for some interest...
{Pier 1; all 3 photos}

{photo courtesy House Beautiful magazine}

Photo courtesy Pottery Barn}
Pottery Barn calls it "Rustic Luxe" and describes this style in their latest catalog by stating: "Your home tells the intriguing story of who you are, where you've been and what inspires you most. This season, we were inspired by the pairing of opposites-rustic textures and materials mixed with soft and luxurious surfaces."            

They pair a burlap shade with a beautifully colored glass base. Also included in their collection is a rustic reclaimed wood table, leather sofa, a suzani pillow and a silver embellished mirror for added glitz.  By mixing these products and textures, it creates warmth in an otherwise not-making-a-statement-room.
{Photo courtesy Pottery Barn}
For creating a warm, rustic environment, consider painting walls using a product by American Clay. This company offers an eco-friendly, no VOC plaster application that doesn't allow moisture to accumulate, therefore helping to maintain a mold-free environment. The overall aesthetic adds depth and color to a space. The product "Loma" creates the essence of suede. It's made of reclaimed marble sand and multiple clays.The wall sconce and metal studs on the chair add glam.
{Photo courtesy Holden Art Studio; American Clay product}
As a lot of you already know, Hooker Furniture is one of my favorite companies. Here, they mix a casual, weathered looking chest, with different scattered mirrors on the wall, adding pizzazz and glam.

                       {Photo courtesy Hooker Furniture; decorative cabinet developed by Pinterest}
So, mix it up! 

Add storage solutions within accent pieces; chests, storage ottomans, straw baskets; all casual and comfortable furnishings. Then, embellish that with something really spectacular, like a crystal chandelier, mirrored table, or all it may need is just a few fluffy pillows...

Until next post,

   Have yourself a Glamorous day~


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