Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Get this look!

Get this look!

I happen to go absolutely crazy over the above photo. The space alone says a lot but if you want to really punctuate a space, you can get the look of this zen, Feng Shui space...


Get this Downton Abbey Look!
This Downton Abbey series is so hot, it makes me want to go back in time and add some old fashioned beauty to my home. The details in each piece are so creative and classic.

Get this Ballard Designs look!

I tend to favor this look; a bit glam mixed with rustic. I gravitate towards natural, linen and jute products.Every space needs something shiny or reflective to add depth.

Get this contemporary look!

This, to me, is just classic. The contemporary lines and comfy furniture intermixed with that traditional, ornate molding makes for a lovely room. You can add red, or any other accent color to add interest. Use it at least three times in the room so that your eye keeps moving across the space. For those of you who are afraid of using white, use any other neutral color as a base. Tan, gray, cream...

So there you have it; four awesome looks for such diverse interiors. The wonderful thing is, is that you can mix and be selective to create the interior that tells a story about you and your family. What products do you love? Please share. Are there any that you don't like? Try juxtapositioning (I love that word!) furnishings to create a unique style that makes you comfortable and peaceful. And as always, if you need assistance selecting that perfect product for your space, please reach out to me.

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Happy Valentine's Day! 


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