Wednesday, December 5, 2012

LiGhTs, HoLiDaYs, PeAcE and ReLaXaTiOn

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

It's December, the anticipated holidays are lurking around the corner and I'm excited to blog about lighting. Not only because it's one of the categories included in my new online shop, but because lighting adds EVERYTHING to a space. It can make you feel happy, depressed, look sick or feel overstimulated, depending on how it's used. I'm going to keep this blog short and mostly pictorial, as I'm sure you're just as busy as I am with shopping, wrapping, planning and just DE-stressing before the madness of the holidays are upon us. Just some of my faves and a few tips~

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

I love grouping light fixtures as shown in the two photos above; it creates such a nice balance. It also helps spread the light when hung over a long bar, counter or table.  Dimmers are ideal as they help create the perfect ambiance by allowing lighting to be adjusted, as well as saving on energy cost. Dimming your lights an average of 50% can cut your electric use 40% over time and can make the bulbs last 20 times longer.

When specifying lighting, I suggest "layering" different types: GENERAL provides an area with overall, general illumination.
TASK is placed in specific areas to ensure that light is available where a task is being performed such as sewing, cooking, etc.

ACCENT adds depth and drama by highlighting interesting objects such as artwork.
{ Photo courtesy Ogetti }

{Currey and Company}
I ADORE this fixture by Currey and Company. It's eclectic, lending itself to many different style interiors. The rule of thumb for the appropriate height of a chandelier above a dining room table is typically 1/2 the width of the table. For a ceiling fixture's appropriate diameter for a room, not necessarily installed above a table, take length of room + width of room (in feet) then convert that to number of inches.

{Photo courtesy Ogetti}

This "Bubble" fixture above by Ogetti casts a calming, warm glow to this bathroom; nice.

{Photo courtesy of Varaluz Lighting}

I LOVE curves! This photo exemplifies perfectly curvy balance. The size is just right and it doesn't detract from the other elements such as the wrought iron stair railing in the room.


{"Elba" sconce}
Wall sconces create mostly mood or ambiance lighting, but can also be considered general, depending on where they're placed and how big the room is. I am visualizing  a bunch of these "Elba"sconces spread out on a wall in an office, rec room or man cave. Pair it with grasscloth wallpaper and what a great look!

{ "Stone Cone" sconce}

You don't need art on the walls with this beautiful colored glass sconce. This IS a work of art.
{Fredrick Ramond Carabel sconce}


{ Hampton Traditional Floor Lamp}

This floor lamp says it all so I won't say a word about it other than it can be placed in (almost) any room.

I could go on and on about lighting, but I think I'll share more in a future blog. Please do take a look at my new online shop and feel free to contact me with any design questions or help with planning your space. Here's the link:            

F.Y.G.I.: (For your green information) The company Varaluz's products are made from 70% recycled steel and 100% recycled glass. On top of their beauty, they're also eco!

HaPpY HoLiDaYs to all of you. May your holidays be bright, not only with light, but radiated by those who surround you. Until 2013,



  1. Happy Holidays Stephanie! What a lovely post you have shared here. Thank you for the insightful information :)

  2. Happy holidays to you too Maritha! Thanks for reading~